Wax Lotion

Herbal Lotion Candle

100% Handmade…

The candles which are made with volatile oils have no chemicals in, are biodegradeable and can also be used as crème. The candles are made with herbal nectars. Orgamis Wax Lotion which was made of nectar has decorative appearance and fascinating fragrance as well as being a hand and body moisturizer. First light it, relax along with the fragrance and then use it as a cream!



As it can be understand from its name it has an anti-aging effect. Its scent relaxes you and mostly romantic people love it.

Bodrum Mandarin

Helps concentration and remembering knowledge. It protects from the tough life which is a result of daily stress. It helps with the tension of sleeplessness, fear and fidelity. It helps open the pores in the skin, provide moisture balance, and sooth and revitalize the skin.

Guayaba &


Guayaba ve peppermint pair affects the hypothalamus part of the brain and gives a feeling of fullness. Besides while guayaba revitalizes, peppermint refreshes and focuses attention. At the same time peppermint gives freshness and liveliness and is stimulating. It is usually preferred by energetic people.

Patchouli & Lime

Patchouli represents grounding, power and determination. It is believed that it attracts love and invites wealth. It revives our courage and keeps away the negative feelings.

The other hand lime helps change the mood of the person with its strong, redolent, fresh odor. It has a softening moisturizing and cleaning property. Generally preferred by calm people or men.

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