Sales Contract



This contract was prepared due to the obligation of making a contract for internet sales with
13th 06,2003 dated and 25137 numbered application for regulation on the procedures and principles of distance contracts published in the Official Gazette. The articles are as follows.




The subject of this contract includes rights and obligations of the supplier to the purchaser related to sale and delivery of the product and its qualities and sale price that have been mentioned based on No. 4077 protection of consumers law on-distance Contracts Regulation on the application of the principles and procedures accordance with the provisions.




Title: GENTRA GLOBAL Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
Address: Suadiye Mah. Emin Ali Paşa Cd. No:7/C Kadıköy / İSTANBUL
Phone No:  +90 (530) 828 76 38




The person who is a member of the shopping site as a customer. The address and contact information that is used while becoming a member is prevailed.




It is composed of the type of the good/ product/ service, its amount, brand and model, its color, number, sale price, form of payment and the information when the order is delivered.




4.1 – Recipient proclaims that the subject matter product which is mentioned in Article 3, and its basic properties, sale price and payment form and the foreinformation about delivery are read and electronically confirmed.


4.2 – The subject matter product or products in the contract, providing that the legal 30 days is not exceeded depending on the distance of the recipient’s settlement address are delivered to the recipient or the person in the address mentioned or to the establishment within the period mentioned in the foreinformation. This period can be extended up to 10 days provided that the recipient is informed beforehand.


4.3 – If the subject matter product in the contract is going to be delivered to a person/ establishment other than the recipient, Gentra Global can not be held responsible if the person/establishment doesn’t accept the delivery.


4.4 – Gentra Global is responsible from delivering the subject matter product in the contract to be solid, complete, meeting the qualities in the order and if there is any certificate of warranty and instruction manuals


4.5 – For the delivery of the subjectmatter product in the contract it is essential that signed copy of this contract is delivered to the contact address of Gentra Global and the price is paid in the recipient’s preference of payment form. If in any case if with any reason the price of the product is not paid or the payment is cancelled in the bank records, Gentra Global will be considered free of obligation of delivering the product.


4.6- If after the delivery of the product because the recipient’s credit card is used by unauthorized people illegally and unfairly and without the recipient’s fault Genta Global is not paid the product price by the authorized bank or the financial establishment, it is mandatory that the product is sent back to Genta Global contact address in three days provided that the recipient had been delivered. In this case the forwarding charges will be on the recipient.


4.7- In case Gentra Global can’t deliver the product on time due to inevitable conditions or other extraordinary reasons such as weather conditions that prevent transport, discontinuation of transportation, it is obliged to inform therecipient about the situation. In this case the recipient can shoose from cancelling the order, if there is any changing the subjectmatter product in the contract with an equal and/or putting the delivery off until the preventing condition of the delivery is over. If the recipient cancels the order, the paid amount is either pad back in cash or in lump payment in 10 days.


4.8- The products that are out of order or damaged with or without certificate of warranty can be sent to Gentra Global in order to be fixed within warranty conditions. In this case, the shipping cost will be paid by Genta Global.


4.9- This agreement will be valid when it is signed by the recipient and sent to Gentra Global communicaton channels via fax or mail.




The recipient has the right of withdrawal which starts after the subject matter product is delivered to the addressee or to the person/establishment in the address given in (7) days. In order to to be able to use the right of withdrawal it is essential that Genta Global is informed via fax, email, or phone within this period and the product must have been used according to the conditions of the related article. In case this right is used it is obligatory that a copy of the cargo delivery record to the Genta Global adresses to the the third party or the recipient and the original invoice are returned to the Genta Global. After these documents are received the price of the product is returned to the recepient in 7 days. If the original invoice is not sent, the VAT (value added tax) and additional liabilities are not returned. The cargo billing of the product due to the withdrawal right is paid by the recipient. In addition, the withdrawal right can not be exercised by the consumer with goods that are custom produced or custom made products due to special order.


When the payment is done via credit card or the like, the consumer can demand the cancellation of the payment order due to the reason that the card was used against his will and through violation of the law. In this case, the establishment that owns the card refunds the payment amount in 10 days after the objection is notified.


Consumer Arbitration Committees or Consumer Courts in the region where Gentra Global is located are authorized to practice this contract up to the value declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


The recipient will have accepted all the conditions of the contract when the order is finalized.

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