Privacy and Security


All the information that you enter to be a member of our store will not be shared with a third party company or people. In some periods our company may send the customers or members campaign information, information about new products, and promotions. Our members can prefer to receive or not to receive such information while being a member and can change this option when member login in the account information section. You are the only person who has access to and can change the information you shared while being a member. It is impossible that someone can access or change your information as long as you protect your member login information. For this reason, we use 128 bit SSL security range while becoming a member.



The safety of credit card owners who shop in our shopping site is our priority. Your credit card information is not kept in our system at all. There are two things to pay attention to make sure that you are in a safe site during the transactions. One of them is a key or lock symbol at the bottom of your browser. It shows that you are in a safe internet site and all your information is protected by encryption. All the information is only used depending on the sales operations process and used in accordance with your payment instructions.


The information about the credit card used during shopping is encrypted by Rapid with 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol and sent to the associated bank to be cross-examined. When 128 bit SSL safety zone is confirmed you can continue shopping. Since no information can be seen or recorded by us, Kartla ilgili hiçbir bilgi tarafımızdan görüntülenemediğinden ve kaydedilmediğinden, this information is prevented from being taken by third parties. The reliability of the payment/invoice/delivery address information of the online orders by credit card are audited bu our company against credit card fraud. Therefore, customers who are ordering from our shopping sites for the first time should primarily confirm the accuracy of the financial and address/ telephone number information so that their orders are supplied and are at the stage of delivery. In case of need to check this information the credit card owner or the associated bank is contacted. Our SSL certificated online shopping sites use Turkey’s foremost banks’virtual POS infrastructure. Nowadays the internet shopping sites which have line and customer service are preferred. By this means, you can have detailed information about your questions and concerns and have better information about the reliability of the company that provides online shopping service.


PS: We recommend you to be careful that the company’s mailing address and phone number are in the internet shopping sites. If you are going to shop, note down all the telephone and address information of the company in which you shop before you do the shopping. If you don’t trust, confirm it by calling before you do the shopping.



When you are sending any e-mail about your order to our site’s customer services, please do not write your credit card number or passwords. The information in the e-mails can be viewed by a third party. Our company doesn’t take responsibility for the information sent via e-mail under no circumstances.

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