Olive Oil

Early Harvest

It is made with still green olives with low acid proportion which were picked in October and November. Compared to ripe harvested olives less, but more quality oil is obtained. The taste is like fruit with a dominant aroma and its odor is fresh. It lasts long when oil is kept in the dark because it has a lot of chlorophyl in it. It has the highest antioxidant property.


In the cold-press method the temperature mustn’t exceed 27ºC. The longer the kneading time of the olive dough is and when the temperature increases the phenolic components, natural antioxydants, phosphatides, cerebrosides, carotenoids, and phytosterols which are present in the olive oil and determines the quality of the olive oil keep away from it.
The oils which were not prone to high temperature degrees trans fatty acid can’t be formed and the bioactive compounds in it are not harmed. This situation is exceptionally important for health and nutritional value. Therfore the cold-press method is a leading one over other methods that are used to produce high quality herbal oil.
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