About Us

Our company was established in order to be a pioneer exporter of olive oil, pomegranate syrup and natural products with the institutional title of Gentra Global Food Industry and Trade Inc.Co. We also lead the supplying of a variety of products with a worldwide network connection, a reliable national and international identity through qualified foundation. Our company is also one of the partners of the factory which is in one of the most special towns of North Aegean GulfRegion called Zeytindağ.

Our most important prioties are protecting human health and offer them a qualified life.

Our most important principle is to transfer the products to our customers in the most natural and the purest form. Having been harvested in the village Zeytindag village in Bergama İzmir, the pomegranate fruit which is a source of healing is processed through special stages by hand, having been boiled with a special cooking technique. It is produced in a completely natural way without any additives.
Our olive oil which is harvested in the North Aegean region with caution and is produced completely in a natural way with its purest form and is prepared with the cold – pressed method where the healing source early harvest olives are processed through special stages keeping its vitamins and minerals. We present our customers olive oil and pomegranate syrup in glass bottles which we had manufactured and imported privately abroad in accordance with international standards. We are conducting the same devoted work with natural soap production and our goal is to be one of the leading companies with our all natural handmade soap.


To be a serviceableness oriented leading company which brings you and our qualified, natural and healthy products together.


To be able to reach consumers from all walks of life, giving priority to customer satisfaction investing on enhancement of its customer portfolio.


To present qualified and natural products having applied all the stages in the best way from production to consumption.

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